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chemo again

Started on 5Fu with the leuvocorin, and oxaplatin , otherwise known as folfox regimen yesterday. Tomorrow I get this wonderful pump off. The only effect I have had was some tingling  in my middle fingers. felt like pin pricks and numbness lasting a few minutes and then subsided. Not particularly crazy about it all but guess I am gonna try it.

Have any of you experienced any side effects from this or had any difficulty from it? Just wondering.

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Thomas threw a punch at your cancer.
Laurie, Thomas sent you a hug.
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We haven't had that but our oncologist said it's a tough one. I am praying for strength for you. This will not be easy. I'm glad you are giving it a try especially since you have so many new best friends here on the blog. And of course there is Gracie to consider. Sending my love.
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poor Gracie, Can not forget her. She will be taken care of. My sweetheart. slept all day and someone took her out a couple times for me.
So Emily had several rounds of the 5-fu with the leucovorin and Irene OT can which is nicknamed folfiri.... then she had one round of the full Fox that you are getting now neither of those work for ticular well I really couldn't make a comment or evaluation on the fall Fox because she only had one round of that before she passed. The most effective for her was the gemcitabine and the abraxane and when she couldn't handle the abraxane any longer she had just the gemcitabine but then after several rounds of the gemcitabine she was having a toxic allergic lung reaction to that so we had to switch to the 5-fu regimens. For some people that regiment seems to work very well for Emily it did not. Did you look up oxaliplatin yet?
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have not looked it up yet. Voice recognition? Know a lot of people do it but pictures of me and my voice are two things I wont do on the net. I am backwards on some of this tech stuff and that is a couple of them.
Do you have a smartphone an iPhone and Android phone or you still have a flip phone like I used to have all voice recognition means when you go to type next to the letters there's a box that looks like a microphone if you tap on it then you can talk to your phone and it will convert your speech into type on the screen so you don't have to type every word you can speak most of it except for the things that the voice recognition doesn't do very well
thought you were speaking of speaking to your computer
Sorry my voice recognition has a mind of its own so some of those sentences you'll have to figure out what the hell she's saying
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Nan's got her fingers crossed and I'm joining paws with Gracie, surrounding you with Healing White Light and purrayers, and of course pawsitive vibes. Hugs :*)
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Anyway that's part of what makes this a smartphone except mine is a smart ass phone and often seems to have a mind of her own especially when I keep calling her a smartass
When you do look up oxaliplatin you will find the first side effect listed is neuropathy or funny Sensations in your fingers like you felt
Neuropathy is common. Praying the side effects are few and the chemo cocktail does its job. Big hugs for all you are going through.
Blessings on your chemo rx's and alleviation of side effects. Voice recognition is wonderful for neuropathic hands; you just have to be careful with pronunciation. Such as "I have to" if said too swiftly could paper/pen to "Eye-f-ta", lol. But we don't mind, we will get it!👍🏻
found my papers and the coldness of fingertips was on there for side effects of oxaplatin when touching something cold. Plate was not cold though, but the freezer was, have to stay out of it.
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Wear gloves. I carry them year 'round because I have Raynaud's Syndrome in my fingers/toes/nose tip. Freezers in grocery stores are awfully cold.
good idea. Never thought about that. thanks.
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